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1 The operations onboard DEMETER 5.46 Mo. presentation
without films
1 - 163.87 Mo. presentation
with films
- -
2 The DEMETER mission center 5.08 Mo. presentation LAGOUTTE Dominique
3 The magnetic field experiment IMSC 10.01 Mo. presentation PARROT Michel
4 The electric field experiment ICE 3.33 Mo. presentation BERTHELIER Jean-Jacques
5 The Langmuir probe ISL 28.6 Mo. presentation LEBRETON Jean-Pierre
6 The energetic particle experiment IDP 3.92 Mo. presentation SAUVAUD Jean-Andre
7 The ion spectrometer IAP 1.31 Mo. presentation BERTHELIER Jean-Jacques
8 Future : ICE and IAP 2.96 Mo. presentation BERTHELIER Jean-Jacques
9 The neural network, RNF 1.49 Mo. presentation PINCON Jean-Louis
10 Ground-based electromagnetic studies combined with remote sensing based on Demeter mission: a way to monitor Corinth rift zone (Greece) 13.64 Mo. presentation ZLOTNICKI Jacques
11 Ground based GPS tomography of ionospheric post-seismic signal during Demeter: the SPECTRE project 2.93 Mo. presentation
without films
11 - 29.17 Mo. presentation
with films
- -
12 Wave propagation analysis using multi-component wave measurements on board the DEMETER spacecraft 9.29 Mo. presentation SANTOLIK Ondrej
13 Modelling seismoelectromagnetic effects and electrosismology 12.49 Mo. presentation REVIL Andre
14 Current achievements in the combined research of Rn emanation, earth magnetic field variations and the seismo-activity monitoring along the Dead Sea Rift, Israel, as ground truth for space observation 21.79 Mo. presentation ZAFRIR Hovav
15 Extraction of the earthquake precursors by analysis of ionospheric electron density 4.26 Mo. presentation DEVI Minakshi
16 First results of the multi parameter analysis of EM emission during the major earthquakes by using joint near-space satellite and ground based measurements 3.36 Mo. presentation OUZOUNOV Dimitar
17 The Use of a Data Fusion Approach to Integrate Multiple Earthquake Precursors into a Robust Prediction Methodology (Invited) 8.01 Mo. presentation VAN GENDEREN John
18 Study of two seismic events in the Adriatic region using GPS measurements and ICE data experiment onboard DEMETER micro-satellite 4.86 Mo. presentation BOUDJADA Mohammed
19 Seismo-ionospheric signatures observed by GPS TEC 9.38 Mo. presentation LIU Jann-Yenq
20 Low Latitude Ionospheric Variability Observed By Low Earth Orbiting Satellites 880.74 Ko. presentation SARKAR Shivalika
21 Seismo-Ionospheric Variations Observed by DEMETER Satellite Over Indian Region 3.74 Mo. presentation MALHOTRA Kalpana
22 Study of penetration of lightning induced whistler waves through the ionosphere 3.05 Mo. presentation CHUM Jaroslav
23 Global thunderstorm activities and their impact on the ionosphere and magnetosphere: View from DEMETER 274.37 Ko. presentation HOBARA Yasuhide
24 Coordinated Ground Satellite VLF Wave-particle interaction studies with Demeter 80.18 Mo. presentation INAN Umran
25 Correlative Investigations using DEMETER and IMAGE 7.7 Mo. presentation BURCH Jim
26 Integration and comparison of DEMETER data with EM ground-based and satellite observations in Southern Apennine chain (Italy) and Hellenic arc (Greece) 15.75 Mo. presentation LAPENNA Vincenzo
27 ULF Electromagnetic Anomaly Associated with Earthquake observed on the ground - NOT AVAILABLE HATTORI Katsumi
28 Atmospheric anomalies observed during earthquake occurrences - NOT AVAILABLE KAMOGAWA Masashi
29 Robust TIR Satellite Techniques for monitoring the Earthquake active regions: improvements expected by the integration with DEMETER and ground based observations - NOT AVAILABLE TRAMUTOLI Valerio
30 Ionospheric perturbations associated with selected Earthquakes registered by the DEMETER satellite 19.59 Mo. presentation BLECKI Jan
31 Description and Testing of ARINA and LAZIO/EGLE instruments in Space within the ESPERIA mission project and the DEMETER Guest Investigation Programme 6.14 Mo. presentation SGRIGNA Vittorio
32 Transionospheric VLF sounding using Alpha transmitters and DEMETER reception during Asian Earthquakes 17.67 Mo. presentation MOLCHANOV Oleg
33 Statistical study of ELF/VLF emissions; man-made effects and seismic activity 533.39 Ko. presentation NEMEC Frantisek
34 On-Line Analytical Processing and Data Mining System for DEMETER mission 1.56 Mo. presentation BATANOV Oleg
35 DEMETER/SEVEM/RABEM Project at the Center for Space Radiations 744.04 Ko. presentation CYAMUKUNGU Mathias
36 On the elaboration of data bases for the study of the low latitude ionospheric turbulence observed by DEMETER - NOT AVAILABLE LEFEUVRE Francois
37 Introduction to the general discussion 9.25 Mo. presentation PARROT Michel