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1 Detection of ionospheric perturbations associated with earthquake using data of IAP and ISL instruments of DEMETER satellite 1.32 Mo. presentation Ashok Kumar Sharma
2 ULF electric field anomalies by DEMETER satellite and comparison with ground-based observation around Wenchuan M8.0 earthquake 3.06 Mo. presentation Xuemin Zhang
3 Study of dynamical complexity of DEMETER plasma time series using regularity analysis - NOT AVAILABLE Naima Zaourar
4 Revealing singularities, holes and multi-scale entropy maximums of the electromagnetic activity over Machin, Huila, Ruiz, Galeras Ruiz volcanoes and Romerales fault, geological complex network in Colombia as detected by Demeter 488.5 Ko. presentation Jorge Hernán Estrada
5 Detection of electromagnetic anomalies related to volcanic eruptions by DEMETER micro-satellite 1.66 Mo. presentation Jacques Zlotnicki
6 Monitoring of apparent resistivity variations, electromagnetic emission and ionosphere effects in the audio and radio frequency ranges 3.34 Mo. presentation A. Saraev -
7 Simultaneous analysis of ground-based and satellite VLF/LF signal observations for strong seismic activity in the Far East region 2.36 Mo. presentation Alexander Rozhnoi
8 VLF electromagnetic wave attenuation measured by DEMETER above earthquake epicentres 664.9 Ko. presentation David Píša
9 Ionospheric disturbances connected to the powerful Aquila (Italy) earthquake - NOT AVAILABLE Karima Benghanem
10 GPS based total electron content (TEC) anomalies and their association with large magnitude earthquakes occurred around Indian region 469.39 Ko. presentation Vishal Chauhan
11 The electromagnetic effects on DEMETER’s data during the Kultuk’s earthquake on 27/08/2008 - NOT AVAILABLE Sashinima Ayurov
12 Ionospheric effect of earthquakes as determined from ground based TEC measurement and DEMETER satellite data 2.4 Mo. presentation O.P. Singh
13 Electron density anomalies during strong earthquakes in the low latitude region observed by DEMETER satellite - NOT AVAILABLE Ashok Kumar Gwal
14 VLF remote sounding of the upper and lower ionosphere above seismic regions 917.03 Ko. presentation Mohammed Y Boudjada
15 Ground observation of electromagnetic emissions related to clusters of earthquakes 693.1 Ko. presentation Vikram Singh
16 Multi precursors analysis based on earthquake anomalies detected using DEMETER and TEC data to estimate the forthcoming strong earthquakes parameters - NOT AVAILABLE M. Akhoondzadeh -
17 Energetic electron flux variation around the Yushu earthquake on april 14, 2010 1.34 Mo. presentation Jianping Huang
18 Electromagnetic model of lithosphere-atmosphere-ionosphere coupling 958.2 Ko. presentation Shufan Zhao
19 Short-term EQ precursors in parameters of natural ULF/ELF electromagnetic emissions, detected from the data of Karimshino observatory (Kamchatka, Russia) 4.25 Mo. presentation O. Molchanov
20 Ground based ULF and VLF seismo-electromagnetic investigations in Europe 2.77 Mo. presentation Gustav Prattes
21 Phenomenological classification and statistical study of plasma and wave measurements during the period of Sichuan EQ 2008 7.39 Mo. presentation Tatsuo Onishi
22 Space-borne and ground observations of ionospheric/atmospheric signals associated with major earthquakes 5.3 Mo. presentation Dimitar Ouzounov
23 The comparison of the ionospheric plasma turbulence in the polar cusp and over seismic regions-Analysis of the DEMETER’s measurements 6.26 Mo. presentation Jan Blecki
24 Anomalous VLF subsurface electric field changes associated with India-Nepal border earthquake (M = 5.7) of 4 April 2011 and their lithosphere atmosphere coupling observed at Mathura (India) 487.48 Ko. presentation Rajpal P. Singh
25 ULF/ELF electromagnetic emissions observed with ground and satellite correspond to seismic activities (Indonesia earthquake 23 January, 2005) - NOT AVAILABLE Vinod Kushwah
26 A slow slip event as the possible source of Tohoku-oki pre-seismic ionospheric signals ? - NOT AVAILABLE Philippe Lognonné
27 Precursory TEC enhancement immediately before the 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquake 10.35 Mo. presentation Kosuke Heki
28 Ionospheric anomalies possibly associated with M > 6.0 earthquakes in the Japan area during 1998-2010 and the 20110311 Tohoku Earthquake (M9.0) 4.78 Mo. presentation Katsumi Hattori
29 Seismic fault as seen in the ionosphere after the Tohoku-oki earthquake - NOT AVAILABLE Elvira Astafyeva
30 Detecting seismic anomalies within NOAA OLR data and DEMETER EM data using wavelet transformation and older exponents 3.96 Mo. presentation Yaxin Bi
31 Statistical analysis of automatically detected density variations recorded by DEMETER in relation with seismic activity 358.03 Ko. presentation Michel Parrot
32 In Connection with Mechanism of Very Low Frequency Electromagnetic Emission Generated in Seismoactive Zone. - NOT AVAILABLE Manana Kachakhidze
33 Ionospheric heating effects on transionospheric VLF to MF propagation 1.21 Mo. presentation François Lefeuvre
34 Very low frequency (VLF) signal feature extraction for pattern classification unsing wavelet transform - NOT AVAILABLE Deepak Kumar Sondhiya
35 AVLF DEMETER 1.46 Mo. presentation Papa Ousmane LEYE;
36 The excitation of the ionosphere- magnetosphere system in the Sura – ISS heating experiments - NOT AVAILABLE Ruzhin Yu
37 Overview of Line Radiation observed by DEMETER 2.86 Mo. presentation Frantisec Nemec
38 Radiation belt electron precipitation due to VLF transmitters: Satellite observations - NOT AVAILABLE Jean-André Sauvaud
39 Ground-based transmitter signals observed from space: Ducted or nonducted ? 2.19 Mo. presentation Craig J. Rodger
40 Modelling the interaction between the NWC VLF emitter and the electron radiation belt using DEMETER data - NOT AVAILABLE Daniel Boscher
41 Study of the NWC electrons belt observed on DEMETER Satellite 2.47 Mo. presentation Xinqiao Li
42 Contrasting the efficiency of radiation belt losses caused by ducted and non-ducted whistler mode waves from manmade transmitters 2.99 Mo. presentation Rory J. Gamble
43 Particle precipitation caused by wave-particle gyroresonant interaction during NPM experiment 1.18 Mo. presentation Ping Wang
44 A systematic magnetic storm effect on the electron energy spectra of the Earth’s radiation belt at L< 3.5 - NOT AVAILABLE Jean-André Sauvaud
45 Combining satellite and ground-based data to characterise energetic electron precipitation from the radiation belts 2.07 Mo. presentation Craig J. Rodger
46 Effect of weak storms on the radiation belt: lifetime of 100 keV electrons - NOT AVAILABLE Jean-André Sauvaud
47 DEMETER and ground based observations of a large-scale electron precipitation event 1.45 Mo. presentation Rory J. Gamble
48 Ion concentrations in the upper ionosphere and in the magnetosphere: comparison of DEMETER and GOES measurements 1.7 Mo. presentation Vladimir Gladyshev
49 Numerical simulation of ionospheric reponses to daytime MSTID 2.7 Mo. presentation Tatsuo Onishi
49 - 20.85 Mo. presentation
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50 Empirical models of electron density and temperature using data measured with DEMETER satellites and its applications 1.43 Mo. presentation Yoshihiro Kakinami
51 Magnetic storm time ionospheric coupling dynamics at low latitude: An analysis using DEMETER and GPS data - NOT AVAILABLE Minakshi Devi
52 Spectral features of lightning-induced ion cyclotron waves at low latitudes: DEMETER observation and simulation 1.65 Mo. presentation J. Chum
53 Perturbations triggered in the ionosphere by intense positive cloud-to-ground lightning 2.07 Mo. presentation Ondrej Santolik
54 Whistlers recorded simultaneously on board Demeter and ground stations - a case study 2.79 Mo. presentation Daniel Hamar
55 The strong ELF/VLF emissions associated with the thunderstorm over Southern FRANCE on October 8, 2009 2.72 Mo. presentation Jan Blecki
56 V shaped streaks recorded on board DEMETER above powerful thunderstorms: a statistical study 1.22 Mo. presentation Farida El-Lemdani Mazouz
57 Plasma bubbles observed by DEMETER and statistical study of occurrence 5.57 Mo. presentation Tatsuo Onishi
58 Longitude vs Latitude variations of WN4 signatures in the topside ionosphere by means of DEMETER and DMSP-f13,f15 data (seasonal and inter-annual variability) 3.46 Mo. presentation Ludmil Bankov
59 Daytime seasonal variation of longitudinal structures of electron density and temperature measured with DEMETER satellite 1.36 Mo. presentation Yoshihiro Kakinami
60 Investigation of Solar Eclipse effects in the upper ionosphere using DEMETER data 1.23 Mo. presentation Jean-Jacques Berthelier
61 Ionosphere variations at 660 km altitude observed by the DEMETER satellite during the 22 July 2009 solar eclipse 2.14 Mo. presentation Masashi Kamogawa
62 Short-period VLF emissions in space and theory 913.02 Ko. presentation P.A. Bespalov
63 Pc2-3 geomagnetic pulsations on the ground and in the ionosphere. MM100 and CHAMP observations 612.91 Ko. presentation Nadezda Yagova
64 Validation of electron density and temperature measurement of the DEMETER satellite in comparison with those of various satellites 490.53 Ko. presentation Masashi Kamogawa
65 Ionospheric data recorded by DEMETER during large magnetic storms 4.39 Mo. presentation Michel Parrot
66 DEMETER satellite disposal, CNES give an example of french space act compliance 921.92 Ko. presentation Florence Duchevet
67 The DEMETER data in the scientific mission center and in the CDPP (Plasma Data Archive Center) 307.53 Ko. presentation Jean-Yves Brochot
68 POPDAT, project of the FP7 program, Problem-oriented processing and database creation for ionosphere exploration 2.59 Mo. presentation Georgii Lizunov
69 Ionospheric tsunami monitoring opportunities from OTH radar and airglow - NOT AVAILABLE Pierdavide Coďsson
70 TwinSat: A Russia-UK satellite project to study ionospheric disturbances associated with earthquake and volcanic activity 2.42 Mo. presentation Alan Smith
71 Introduction for China Seismo-Electromagnetic Satellite (CSES) 1.31 Mo. presentation Lanwei Wang
72 Future projects of LPC2E - NOT AVAILABLE Michel Tagger
73 Simultaneous occurrence of the night and daytime VLF chorus based of the Finland ground and Demeter satellite data: case study 01 March 2008 179.11 Ko. poster J. Manninen -
74 Validation of the Topside Sounder Model with DEMETER data - NOT AVAILABLE Anna Belehaki;
75 LF and HF electromagnetic emissions combined with whistler mode emissions - NOT AVAILABLE Mohammed Y Boudjada
76 A comparison between DEMETER and the Millstone Hill ISR observations in a period of low solar activity. 184.0 Ko. poster X. Wang -
77 New algorithm of IAP data calibration - NOT AVAILABLE Tatsuo Onishi
78 Automatic method of phenomenological classification of VLF waves observed by ICE - NOT AVAILABLE Tatsuo Onishi
79 The simulation study of electron density and magnetic anomalies excited in the F region one hour after the Tohoku-Oki tsunami - NOT AVAILABLE E.A. Kherani